File Holder (File Keeper)

    1. Lever clip file
    2. » Lever Clip File1. Material: Imported environmental protective PP material from Korea.
      2. These lever arch files have beautiful and bright colors.
      3. Our file folders have a wide range of styles for your option. .
    1. Ring Files
    2. » View BinderTwo-color display book(20P) A4 1/12/96 67.5x53.5x35.5cm
      Two-color display book(30P) A4 1/12/96 53.5x51x35.5cm
      Two-color display book(40P) A4 1/12/48 53.5x43.5x35.5cm
    1. Arch Binder
    2. Lever Arch Binder1. Material: Composite of high quality PVC and imported paper board.
      2. Good toughness, strong, and neat, durable.
      3. The design of high-quality metal ring hole facilitates the extraction.
    1. Clear Book
    2. File KeeperA file keeper is a tool used to store, protect and control the paper documents, which is widely used in the course of business activities. We at Deli Stationery are a file keeper manufacturer in China. Our file keepers are reliable
    1. Suspension File
    2. Hanging File Keeper FC1. The slide bar coated with OEL is easy to slide, thus making this file keeper easier to obtain documents. 2. This hanging file keeper is provided with classification labels for users' convenience.
    1. Clear Book
    2. O-Ring File Keeper 2 Hole1. This O-ring file keeper is made from 100% imported PP material.
      2. The clamp, which is also imported from famous suppliers, is deformation resistant and comfortable to use.
    1. Clear Book
    2. » O-Ring File Keeper 3 HoleUnlike 2-hole O-ring file keeper, our 3-hole O-ring file keeper is mainly designed to store frequently used 3-hole A4 size documents. This type of file holder is constructed of superior PP material, and has the advantages.
    1. Clear Book
    2. » Swing Clip FileOur swing clip file is primarily used to keep A4 files and documents. It is made from high quality PP material, and has the features of being beautiful, durable, and tear resistant. Today.
    1. Clear Book
    2. » Ring Clip File Our ring clip file is a type of file holder which is mainly used to keep A4 paper documents. It is available in 2 holes, 3 holes, and 4 holes for customers to choose from. Our ring clip file is made from.
    1. Clear Book
    2. » Sliding Bar Report Cover1. Fashionable design, dull polished surface 2. This sliding bar report cover comes in various colors, such as blue, red, grey, etc. .
    1. Clear Book
    2. » Index1. Our index is made from the imported PP material, which is reliable and environment friendly.
      2. Use the innovative CPP technology, the sheets are more straight.
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    1. Lever clip file
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