Office File

    1. Lever clip file
    2. File Holder (File Keeper)1. Material: Imported environmental protective PP material from Korea.
      2. These lever arch files have beautiful and bright colors.
      3. Our file folders have a wide range of styles for your option.
    1. PVC Box File
    2. Display Book File A display book file is used to store and protect important documents and pictures such as contracts and newspaper clippings etc. As our display book file has undergone anti-reflective
    1. PVC Box File
    2. File Box1. Rubber coating PVC material: water-proof and damp-proof.
      2. Magnetic snap is available.
      3. Durable: The file box is not easy to be out of shape.
    1. PVC Box File
    2. PP File Bag 1. Our file wraps and file bags are made from imported PVC or PP material and special anti-static auxiliary material. Therefore, they are durable and anti-static.
    1. File Wrap, File Bag Item 5521 Specification 100x185mm
      Cover Thickness 0.28mm Packing 12/240/960
    1. Name Card Holder1. Soft cover makes users feel comfortable when touching our name card holder.
      2. Metal angle bead is used to prevent wear and tear.
      3. Name cards can be classified and easily found.
    1. PP ID Pass 1. This ID pass is made from superior PP material, which is highly durable.
      2. The thick bottom is deformation-free.
      3. This PP ID pass is available in several colors for your option, such as green and blue.
Ningbo Deli, built in 1988, is a professional document management products manufacturer and supplier .More than 20 years of production experience has taught us how to produce higher-quality management products with more purposes. We have the latest equipment and processing techniques. we control the quality of products strictly during the production process.Various types of document management products manufactured by us such as folders, files, boxes, briefcases, multi-functional package, befcase,etc have been widely used in the document management of types of commercial, administrative, school, banking and insurance industries because of the diverse sorts,beautiful appearance as well as they are easy to use, clean and durable, safety and eco-friendly.

Besides,in order to meet customers needs,as a professional office appliances manufacturer and manufacturer, we also provide various types of office stationery such as stapler, desktop office suite, student gift box, scissors, pen, instrument ruler, ball pen, highlighter as well as other office supplies such as notebook, Pepsi paste, copy paper, fax paper, paper shredders, Counter, portable calculators, glue sticks,etc.

Our products are quality-monitored and tested rigorously from the feed to the production line, and to the library.All of our products have met the ISO 9001-2001, ISO14001 standard.
Due to the reliable quality and reasonable price,our products are widely used in more than 100 countries such as the United States, Japan, Germany, Britain, France, Korea, Iran, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Russia, Australia and so on .

To the meet the growing demand of the market, we have also set up sales subsidiaries in India and Thailand.
If you are interested in our products, please feel free to contact us, Thank you for visiting our website!
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    1. PVC Box File
    2. »PVC Box File1. Rubber coating PVC material: water-proof and damp-proof.
      2. Magnetic snap is available.
      3. Durable: The file box is not easy to be out of shape.