Cutter, Trimmer

    1. Paper Cutter
    2. Paper Trimmer 1. Material: Tinplate, ABS, pine wood.
      2. Paper trimmers with different sizes can be provided.
      3. Simple operation, great reliability, longer service life.
    1. Paper Cutter
    2. Utility Knife1. High quality material: SK5, ABS.
      2. User-friendly design: safe and wide variety.
      3. Our utility knife has the function of spring back and self-locking.
    1. Paper Cutter
    2. Scissor As a professional office supply wholesaler in China, Deli Stationery is able to provide a variety of office supplies such as stapler, desktop set, paper punch, pencil sharpener, etc. This is our scissor, you can find other similar products of different functions by clicking
    1. Paper Cutter
    2. Cutting Mat A pair of compasses is a drawing instrument used to inscribe circles or arcs. Compasses are often made of metal, and consist of two parts connected by a hinge which is adjustable. Typically, compasses can be used for mathmatics, drafting, and other applications.
Cutters are typically used for cutting cloth, paper, rope, etc. There are may types of cutters on the market today. As an experienced cutter manufacturer in China, we provide customer with quality built paper trimmer, utility knife, and scissors, which are widely used in offices and schools. Besides cutters, we at Deli Stationery also offer many other office supplies, including stapler, paper punch, binder clip, desktop set, pencil case, pen bag, clipboard, and more. These products are strictly made according to the ISO standards, and have the features of stylish appearance, great durability and ease of use. As a result, they are increasingly sought after by customers in the Japan, the USA, Canada, Australia, Russia, Britain, Germany, Italy, France, South Africa, etc. We welcome customers to try our products. If you have any queries, please feel free to contact us.
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    1. Pencil Sharpener
    2. Cutters Deli Stationery, a Chinese pencil sharpener set manufacturer and supplier, provides customers with a great collection of pencil sharpeners, like rotary pencil sharpener, manual pencil sharpener, and electric pencil sharpener. Our products are very lovely and
    1. Paper Punch
    2. Paper Punch2. Strict quality control system.
      3. High quality material: ABS plastic and A3 hardware material.
      4. The paper punch combined the functions of stapler and punch.