Writing Instrument
  • Ball Point Pen
  • Item: 6510
    Item 6510
    Specification Blue 7pcs, Black 2pcs, Red 1pcs
    Packing 1/12/144
    Meas. 54x46.5x33cm
  • Retractable Ball Point Pen
  • Item: 6526
    Item 6526
    Specification 0.7mm
    Packing 60/360/2160
    Meas. 45x37.5x35cm
  • Item: 6506 6956
    Specification 0.7mm
    Packing 60/360/2160
    Meas. 43.5x33x36.5cm
    6956, 6506 Ball Point Pen Refill
    Specification 0.7mm
    Packing 1/50/1000(10pcs/opp)
    Meas. 43.5x28x20cm
  • Ball Point Pen Refill
  • Item: 6904
    Item 6904
    Specification 0.5mm
    Packing 12pcs\bag /20/240
    Meas 38x22.5x25cm

Ball Point Pen

A ball point pen, the size and shape of which are very similar to a pencil, has an internal chamber filled with viscous ink. During writing, the ink is dispensed at the tip through a rolling metal sphere. Deli Stationery is a China-based ballpoint pen manufacturer and supplier. Our primary products are ball point pen, retractable ball point pen and ball point pen refill. As our ball pens are aesthetic, reliable, and comfortable to use, they are very popular with students and office workers.

1. Long lasting and not easy to be damaged.
2. New type ink: help our ballpoint pens achieve smooth and clear writing.
3. Ball point pens with different colors to satisfy different needs.
4. Using our ball pens, you will not feel tired after writing for a long time.

Besides ball point pens, we can also provide many other office supplies, such as utility knife, scissors, cutting mat, pencil sharpener, pen stand, ruler, and more. Our company is located in Ningbo, Zhejiang, where we have easy access to convenient transportation. This keeps our costs down, and reduces transportation costs for our customers.
We welcome you to choose our office supplies! If you have any questions, please contact us at any time.

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