• Stapler Set
  • 1. Item: 0302
    Item 0302
    Pages 12pages/80g
    Type of Staples 24/6&26/6
    PCS of Staples 40pcs
    Packing 1/24/432
    MEAS 44.5x39x29cm

  • 3. Item: 0308
    Item 0308
    Stapling Capacity 20pages/80g
    Type of Staples 24/6&26/6
    PCS of Staples 150pcs
    Packing 1/12/72
    MEAS. 50x25x25.5cm

  • 4. Item: 0341
    Item 0341
    Specification 132x60x37mm
    Packing 1/24/96
    MEAS. 47.5x28.5x28cm

  • 5. Item: 0359
    Item 0359
    Stapling Capacity 25pages/80g
    Type of Staples 24/6&26/6
    PCS of Staples 100pcs
    Packing 1/12/72
    MEAS. 69.5x27.5x36cm


A stapler is a device used to bind sheets of paper or similar material. It drives a staple through the sheets and folds the ends. Deli Stationery is a Chinese stapler manufacturer in China. We provide customers with a wide range of staplers, including stapler set, plier stapler, power saving stapler, heavy duty stapler, electric stapler, etc. These products are primarily used in offices, schools and government.

1. High quality: Our stapler is produced in accordance with ISO quality standards.
2. "Twice injection and once molding" technique is adopted.
3. Our stapler is suitable for both No.10 and No.12 staples.
4. Our versatile stapler combines the functions of stapler and hole punch.
5. Material: ABS plastic, A3 hardware material.

In order to better serve our customers, we also provide other office supplies such as paper punch, binder clip, desktop set, pencil case, pen bag, clipboard, etc., in addition to bookbinding products. These products are reliable, economical, and are in great demand by our customers worldwide.
Thank you for your interest in our products. For more information regarding our products, please feel free to contact us.

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