Paper Punch
  • 2 Hole Punch
  • Item: 0104
    Item 0104
    Pages 35pages/80g
    Hole Distance 80mm
    Diameter φ6mm
    Packing 1/--/36
    MEAS. 44x27.5x39cm
  • Item: 0107
    Item 0107
    Stapling Capacity 25pageS/80G
    Hole Distance 80mm OR 70mm
    Diameter φ6mm
    Packing 1/12/60
    MEAS. 52.5x27x37cm
  • Item No 0112
    Item 0112
    Stapling Capacity 10pageS/80G
    Hole Distance 80mm
    Diameter φ6mm
    Packing 1/---/96
    MEAS. 51x29.5x31cm
  • Item No: 0117
    Item 0117
    Stapling Capacity 35pages/80g
    Hole Distance 80mm
    Diameter φ6mm
    Packing 1/--/20
    MEAS. 39x34x27cm
  • Item: 0123
    Item 0123
    Punches capacity 20Pages/80g
    Diameter 6mm
    Packing 1/--/60
    MEAS. 52X43X24.5cm

Paper Punch

Similar to our staplers, a paper punch is also a kind of commonly used office supplies. As a paper punch manufacturer with many years of experience, we at Deli Stationery can provide a wide variety of paper punches, including 2-hole punch, 3-hole punch, 4-hole punch, heavy duty punch, and mini single hole punch. As our products are reliable, aesthetic, and functional, they are widely used in government, school, printing, bank, etc.

1. Novel design.
2. Strict quality control system.
3. High quality material: ABS plastic and A3 hardware material.
4. The paper punch combined the functions of stapler and punch.
5. Adjustable locating buttons are available.

Besides bookbinding tools, Deli Stationery also provides you with high quality file keeper, file box, file bag, cutter, pencil sharpener, pencil case, pen bag, clipboard, paper trimmer, etc. To make you feel secure in your purchase, we offer a one-year warranty on our products.
If you are in need of any of our products, please feel free to us. OEM orders are also welcome.

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