Paper Cutter
  • Plastic Base Paper Trimmer
  • Item No: 8051
    Item 8051
    Specification 300x300mm(12"x12")
    Packing 1/--/10
    MEAS. 73.5x38x45cm
  • Steel Base Paper Trimmer
  • Item:8013
    Item 8013
    Specification 380x300mm(15"x12")
    Packing 1/--/6
    MEAS. 62x59x36.5cm
  • Wooden Base Paper Trimmer
  • Item:8013
    Item 8001
    Specification 530x410mm(21"x16")
    Packing 1/--/4
    MEAS. 76.5x43x47.5cm
  • Rotary Paper Trimmer
  • Item:8057
    Item 8057
    Specification 12"x12"
    Packing 1/6/12
    MEAS. 78x47x43.5cm

Paper Trimmer

As a China paper trimmer manufacturer, we provide a variety of paper trimmer, including plastic base paper trimmer, steel base paper trimmer, wooden base paper trimmer, and rotary paper trimmer. So our customers can choose our paper cutters according to their specific requirements.

1. Material: Tinplate, ABS, pine wood.
2. Paper trimmers with different sizes can be provided.
3. Simple operation, great reliability, longer service life.
4. All paper cutters are produced under strict quality control system.
5. Laser positioning, so the paper trimmer has high cutting precision.

Our paper trimmer is the sampling tool frequently used to take a sample of paper, files, cardboard, photos and plastic sheets etc. It is extensively applied in the papermaking, packaging, testing, and other industries.

Deli Stationery, a professional stationery supplier in China, provides a wide array of office supplies like file keeper, stapler, hole punch, pencil sharpener, writing instrument, as well as other related office products.
If you are in need of any of our products, please contact us. Our staff will happily help you with your needs.

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