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  • Item: 6002
    Item 6002
    SPEC. 195mm(7 3/5")
    Packing 1/12/144
    MEAS. 56x30x38.5cm
  • Item: 6010
    Item 6010
    SPEC. 210mm(8 1/4")
    Packing 1/12/144
    MEAS. 52.5X28.5X30cm
  • Item:6012
    Item 6012
    SPEC. 135mm(5 1/4")
    Packing 1/12/360
    MEAS. 51.5X20.5X42cm
  • Item:6021
    Item 6021
    SPEC. 121mm(4 3/4")
    Packing 1/12/480
    MEAS. 59.5x32x35cm


As a professional office supply wholesaler in China, Deli Stationery is able to provide a variety of office supplies such as stapler, desktop set, paper punch, pencil sharpener, etc. This is our scissor, you can find other similar products of different functions by clicking the below icons. Welcome you to browse and choose!

-- Office Stationery (Cutters)
Descriptions of Scissors
1. The rivet of the scissor is made of stainless steel and the rivet head is smooth. The scissors edge is made of 2Cr13 stainless steel and quenched. The scissor has a longer service life.
2. Sharp and easy to use: it is smooth to cut cloth, paper etc..
3. The surface of the scissor feels comfortable and it will not hurt your hands.
4. It can helps saving energy.
5. User-friendly design and it is safe for us to use.

Applications of Scissors
Our scissors are widely used in offices, schools by students and many DIY users. It can be used to cut papers, cloth and rubber etc.

Deli Stationery, as professional stationery supplier, can provide not only paper scissors or paper cutters, but also many other office supplies, like office filing products, bookbinding tools, artist and graphic supplies, desktop accessories, writing instrument and paper supplies etc.

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