Antibacterial Office Supplies

Antibacterial Office Supplies

SGS Certificated, Super Antibacterial, Protect Files, Care Your Health
In the production of antibacterial office supplies, we add antibacterial materials which can inhibit escherichia coli, staphylococcus aureus, Klebsiella pneumoniae, salmonella typhi, candida albicans, aspergillus niger, ball hair aspergillus, penicillium funiculosum, etc. Thus can avoid products producing peculiar smell, and protect products from mildewed. Additionally, SGS has authorized that the materials have super antibacterial function to protect both files and user's health.

  • Antibacterial File Keeper
  • Features 1. The plate used in this antibacterial file keeper comes with a thickness of 0.95mm. As a result, it is flatter and has better touching feeling.
    2. The color and spine design is in business style.
    3. This file keeper has bigger capacity with spine with a width of 20mm while the ordinary folder spine comes with a width of 18mm.
    4. High quality clip will never rust. Explanation
    Item No. Specification Packing Meas.
    5441 Single Spring Clip Plus Pocket 235*310*20mm 1/12/72 52.5*49.5*35.5cm
    5442 Double Strong Spring Clips 235*310*20mm 1/12/72 52.5*49.5*36cm
    5448 Long Spring Clip Plus Pocket 235*310*20mm 1/12/72 52.5*49.5*35.5cm
    5449 Long Spring Clip Plus Board Clip 235*310*20mm 1/12/72 52.5*49.5*36cm
  • Antibacterial Display Book
  • Features 1. The pocket in this display book is as thick as 0.04mm, which is flat and durable.
    2. Specially add agent to make it easy to open the pocket. Explanation
    Item No. Specification Packing Meas.
    5092 20pages, 235*310*14mm 1/12/72 52.5*42.5*35.5cm
    5093 30pages, 235*310*18mm 1/12/48 52.5*32.5*35.5cm
    5094 40pages, 235*310*24mm 1/12/48 52.5*41.5*35.5cm
    5096 60pages, 235*310*34mm 1/12/48 55.5*52.5*35.5cm
    5098 80pages, 235*310*50mm 1/12/24 74.5*52.5*36cm
  • Antibacterial Name Card Holder
  • Features 1. This antibacterial name card holder is designed with thickened cover. As a result, it is flatter and more beautiful.
    2. Thickened PP pocket is eco-friendly and transparent.
    3. Multiple colors to choose Explanation
    Item No. Specification Packing Meas.
    5775 110*190*16mm, T=0.75mm 1/12/216 46.5*36*41.5cm
    5776 110*190*24mm, T=0.75mm 1/10/180 57*35.5*41.5cm
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