Cutting Knife

Cutting Knife

  • 2057 Cutting Knife
  • Features1. This cutting knife is made of super-hard zinc alloy.
    2. TPE handle makes you feel comfortable.
    3. As the super self-locking ability can up to 20KG, the cutting knife features better cutting performance.
    4. The blade is made of Japanese SK5 high carbon steel, which is very sharp and has double blade edges.
    5. The blade hardness is over HRC600. Explanation of this cutting knife
    Item No. Specification Packing Meas.
    2057 0.5*18*100mm 1/12/144 67.5*24*39.5cm
  • 2058 Cutting Knife
  • Features 1. The shell of this cutting knife is made by stainless steel wire drawing panel.
    2. Super self-locking makes it easier to use.
    3. The blade is made of Japanese SK5 high carbon steel which is very sharp and has double blade edges.
    4. The blade hardness of this cutting knife is over HRC 60°. Explanation of this pencil sharpener
    Item NO. Specification Packing Meas.
    2058 0.4*9*80mm 1/24/576 54*31.5*23.5cm
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