PVC Binder
PVC Binder

PVC Binder


Item No. Specification Packing MEAS
E5610 A4-1"2D ring 1/12/48 57.5*55.5*38cm
E5611 A4-1"3D ring 1/12/48 57.5*55.5*38cm
E5612 A4-1"4D ring 1/12/48 57.5*55.5*38cm
E5613 A4-1.5"2D ring 1/12/36 86.5*35*38cm
E5614 A4-1.5"3D ring 1/12/36 86.5*35*38cm
E5615 A4-1.5"4D ring 1/12/36 86.5*35*38cm
E5616 A4-2"2D ring 1/12/36 86.5*42.5*38cm
E5617 A4-2"3D ring 1/12/36 86.5*42.5*38cm
E5618 A4-2"4D ring 1/12/36 86.5*42.5*38cm
E5619 A4-3"2D ring 1/6/24 61.5*61.5*38cm
E5620 A4-3"3D ring 1/6/24 61.5*61.5*38cm
E5621 A4-3"4D ring 1/6/24 61.5*61.5*38cm
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