Super Sticky Poster (Fluorescence)
Super Sticky Poster (Fluorescence)

Super Sticky Poster (Fluorescence)

Super sticky poster is smooth, easy to write, and has high quality glue at back with no stain after usage.

Given below is explanation of super sticky poster

Item No. Specification Packing Meas.
W39820 3"*4"/100sheets 1/12/144 36*26*28cm
W39826 3"*3"/100sheets 1/12/144 36*26*19cm
W39828 3"*2"/100sheets 1/12/216 32*32*28cm
W39825 45*25mm/25sheets 1/50/800 28*24*30cm
W39827 3"*2"/100sheets 1/12/144 38*26*19cm
W39829 3"*3"/100sheets 1/12/216 32*32*28cm
W39821 3"*3"/30sheets 1/48/384 36*36*28cm
W39822 3"*3"/30sheets 1/48/384 36*36*28cm
W39823 3"*3"/30sheets 1/48/384 36*36*28cm
W39824 3"*3"/30sheets 1/48/384 36*36*28cm
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