About Us

Ningbo Deli Import & Export Co., Ltd.

A wide variety of stationery supplies are utilized in offices, by businesses, in schools, by students, and other organizations as well. We offer all types of office supplies, including office filing & storage products such as file folders, pocket files and file trays. binding equipment & supplies like staples, staplers, hole punches and binder clips. as well as other office appliances like paper supplies, artist & graphic supplies and commercial machines.

Ningbo Deli Import & Export Company, Ltd. (a subsidiary of Deli Group), is a leading stationery supplier in China. Deli produced its first stationery product 901 file box in 1988. After 20 years' development, Deli now provides a wide range of office supplies, including:
-- Office File (File keepers, File boxes, File cupboards and File bags, etc.)
-- Bookbinding Tools (Staplers, Paper punches, etc.)
-- Writing Instruments & Desktop accessories (including various pens, Pencil sharpeners, Bookends, Pen stands, etc.)
-- Artist and Graphic Supplies (Paper cutters, Utility knives, Rulers, etc.)
-- Paper Supplies (Notebooks, Sticky Notes, Fax Paper, etc.)
-- Commercial machines (Paper shredders, Laminators, Digital cash counters, calculators, etc.)
-- Adhesives, tapes, etc.

Deli has over 6,000 exclusive distributors and you can find our office supplies in more than 50,000 retail sites throughout China. Deli has set up a complete sales network in over 20 countries. This large-scale global retail network is made possible due to our product quality and economical prices.

Deli Group works in cooperation with Korean Stationery Supplier MORNING GLORY, and so has its own research and development centers. In addition to advanced production and design technology, Deli also implements a strict quality control system, overseeing each step, from raw material (Imported Korean PP material, Germany ink and Switzerland nibs, etc.) to production lines. As a result, our office supplies have received ISO9001-2001 and ISO14001 certificates.

Deli Group is located in Ningbo, a port city of China. This location offers us convenient transportation and also contributes to our low product price.

Our office supplies are popular in many parts of the world (Australia, South America, Asia and Europe, etc.) and as a result, we have reached an annual production of 258 million USD. Our goal is to expand to even more international markets, so we eagerly look forward to doing business with you. OEM service is also available upon request.