PP File Bag

    1. PVC Box File
    2. »Expanding File1. Our Expanding File is made of high quality PP material and has bright colors.
      3. Index strip is available in the file bag.
      4. The expanding file has 12 pockets.
    1. PP Box File
    2. » A4 Sheet Expanding File 1. Environmental protective PP material is adopted to produce the document file.
      3. Two-tone color design.
      4. A4 papers are available inside the expanding file.
    1. PP Adhesive Box File
    2. » File Bag1. Our file bag is made of high quality PP materials and it is environmental protective;
      2. Bright colors and beautiful appearance;
      3. Durable and will not deformed;
    1. PP Adhesive Box File
    2. » Document Wallet1. Made of high quality PP material and environmental protective;
      2. Bright colors;
      3. It feels comfortable.
Related Products
    1. Lever clip file
    2. » Lever Clip File1. Material: Imported environmental protective PP material from Korea.
      2. These lever arch files have beautiful and bright colors.
      3. Our file folders have a wide range of styles for your option. .
    1. Ring Files
    2. » View BinderTwo-color display book(20P) A4 1/12/96 67.5x53.5x35.5cm
      Two-color display book(30P) A4 1/12/96 53.5x51x35.5cm
      Two-color display book(40P) A4 1/12/48 53.5x43.5x35.5cm