1. Glue Sticker1. Our glue sticks are made of PVA or PVP material
      2. Good viscosity, nontoxic, not east to dry.
      3. Our glue sticks are easy to rotate.
    1. Paper Punch
    2. Glue WaterItem 7304 Specification. 50ml
      Packing --/12/360 MEAS. 57.5x29.5x33.5cm
    1. Binder Clip
    2. White GlueItem: 39445-39448
      39445 White Glue
    1. Binder Clip
    2. Tape 1. This packing tape is made from quality BOPP.
      2. It has high viscosity, and is suitable for use at all temperatures.
      3. Color printing sealing tapes are also available.
    1. Binder Clip
    2. Tape Dispenser1. Coat material: ABSD material.
      2. Blades and rotor are both fixed by screw: so the tape dispenser is stable.
      3. Blades of the tape dispenser is nickel plated. the coat is polish finished.
    1. Binder Clip
    2. Carton SealerA carton sealer is a manual sealing machine mainly used for tape cutting, carton sealing and product packaging. As a specialized carton sealer manufacturer in China, we at Deli Stationery provide serveral types of carton sealers to suit different customers'
Related Products
    1. Paper Shredder2. Longer paper-inlet. and paper deflector is equipped.
      3. Nitrogen treated steel knife is installed in our paper shredder.
      4. Deli paper shredder can continuously cut papers for 15 minutes.
    1. Paper Punch
    2. Laminator2. Stable laminating: no bubbles and no deformation.
      3. High speed reheating, heat output and laminating.
      4. Environmental protective and energy saving. Low noise.