Numbering Machine
Numbering Machine

Numbering Machine

As a professional office supply wholesaler in China, Deli Stationery is able to provide a variety of office supplies such as stapler, desktop set, paper punch, pencil sharpener, etc. This is our numbering machine, you can find other similar products of different functions by clicking the below icons. Welcome you to browse and choose!

Numbering Machine
-- Office Stationery (Desk Stationery)
Descriptions of Numbering Machine
1. High quality steel is adopted.
2. Numbering machines with variety of specifications can be provided: 6-15 numbers.
3. Simple operation.
4. Clear printing.

Numbering machines are widely used to print date or numbers on files and other objects.

Deli Stationery, as a leading office supplies manufacturer, can offer a variety of office products like office filing products (file box, file keeper and file bag), office stationery (bookbinding tools, stationery set and desktop accessories etc) and office appliance (paper supplies and commercial machines etc.)

Item No: 7506-7515

7506 6bit 1/--/20 43x26.5x18cm
7507 7bit 1/--/20 43x26.5x18cm
7508 8bit 1/--/20 50.5x32.5x19.5cm
7509 9bit 1/--/20 50.5x32.5x19.5cm
7510 10bit 1/--/20 50.5x32.5x19.5cm
7512 12bit 1/--/20 57.5x30.5x19.5cm
7513 13bit 1/--/20 57.5x30.5x19.5cm
7515 15bit 1/--/20 57.5x30.5x19.5cm
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