Office Appliance

    1. Paper Shredder2. Longer paper-inlet. and paper deflector is equipped.
      3. Nitrogen treated steel knife is installed in our paper shredder.
      4. Deli paper shredder can continuously cut papers for 15 minutes.
    1. Paper Punch
    2. Laminator2. Stable laminating: no bubbles and no deformation.
      3. High speed reheating, heat output and laminating.
      4. Environmental protective and energy saving. Low noise.
    1. Binder Clip
    2. Digital Cash Counter (Bill Counter)1. Accurate machine construction: smooth and easy cash counting.
      2. Our cash counter has the function of failure self-diagnostics and failure alarming.
      3. Automatic start and stop cash counting. auto-reset etc..
    1. Binder Clip
    2. Time RecorderAs a Chinese time recorder manufacturer with over 20 years of experience, we at Deli Stationery are ISO9001 certified, and provide a great variety of office supplies, such as whiteboard
Related Products
    1. Paper Punch
    2. Stationery Set As a professional office supply manufacturer in China, we are able to provide a variety of office supplies such as stapler, paper punch, paper cutter, pencil sharpener, etc. This is our desktop set, you can find other similar products
    1. Paper Cutter
    2. Cutters 1. Material: Tinplate, ABS, pine wood.
      2. Paper trimmers with different sizes can be provided.
      3. Simple operation, great reliability, longer service life.