Pen Stand
  • Pen Stand
  • Item: 9132
    Item 9132
    Packing 1/--/72
    MEAS. 63x42.5x33.5cm
  • Mesh Pen Stand
  • Item: 9172
    Item 9172
    SPEC φ91xH98mm
    Weight 75g+10g/75g-5g
    Packing 1/12/96
    MEAS. 58.5x40.5x47cm
  • Item:9174
    Item 9174
    SPEC. 80x80x99mm
    Weight 80g+10g/80g-5g
    Packing 1/12/96
    MEAS. 53.5x36.5x47cm

Pen Stand

Deli Stationery is a China pen stand manufacturer. Our pen stand is both aesthetic and functional, which can keep a firm hold on you pen and greatly enhance the aesthetic appeal of your office.

1. Multi-functional pen stand and mesh pencil stand are both available.
2. Material: High quality plastic which is durable and in bright colors.
Our pen holders is suitable for various kinds of pens and pencils, and other small stationery.

Beside pen stand, we are able to provide many other kinds of office supplies such as ball point pen, gel pen, highlighter, pencil, water color pen, paper clip, office pin, and so on. Through the constant work of our dedicated staff over the past years, we now can provide global customers with high quality and low priced office supplies. In addition, our location in Ningbo gives us easy access to convenient transportation, which helps keep our costs down, and reduce transportation costs for our customers.
If you are looking for any stationery, please contact us. We are certain that you will be satisfied with our products and services.

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