Display Book
Display Book

Display Book

This display book is of A4 specification. The inner pages can be freely rearranged, making it convenient to arrange your business cards and pictures.

1. This display book comes in a variety of colors to suit your different requirements.
2. The inner pockets with anti-reflective coating for easy reading.
3. The inner pockets have undergone anti-static treatment, so the files will not be adhered to each other.

Item: 5031-5035

1/NO Specification Packing MEAS
5031 A4(10P) 1/24/96 51.5X34.5X35.5cm
5032 A4(20P) 1/12/96 55.5x51.5x35.5cm
5033 A4(30P) 1/12/72 51.5x48x35.5cm
5034 A4(40P) 1/10/60 52.5x51.5x35.5cm
5035 A4(60P) 1/12/48 55.5x51.5x35.5cm

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