Polypropylene Binder (PP Binder)

Polypropylene Binder (PP Binder)

The PP binder is part of our initiative to protect the planet from further damage. Polypropylene is capable of being decomposed by natural process. PP also weighs less and lasts longer than PVC, making it easy to use and friendly to the environment.

While Chlorine-containing compounds such as vinyl chloride and dioxin can be released during the process of manufacturing and recycling of PVC. PP does not contain chlorine and therefore can be easily and safely recycled.

Environment-friendly materials have been renewed for further use and capable of being decomposed by natural process. If we say a product is recyclable, then we will confirm that it is both economically and logistically viable to do so.

  • w38900-w38920
  • Explanation
    Item No. Specification Packing MEAS
    W38900 LT-0.5"3O ring 12/CTN 31.5*21.5*27cm
    W38903 LT-1"3O ring 12/CYN 32*31*28.5cm
    W38906 LT-1.5"3O ring 12/CTN 44*30.5*30cm
    W38909 LT-2"3D ring 12/CYN 49*30.5*31cm
    W38912 LT-3"3D ring 6/CTN 31.5*31*33cm
    W38915 A4-25mm 2D ring 12/CTN 34*30*29cm
    W38917 A4-38mm 2D ring 12/CTN 34*33*30cm
    W38919 A4-50mm 2D ring 12/CTN 45*34*32cm
  • E38793-E38804
  • Explanation
    Item No. Specification Packing MEAS
    E38793 A4-1"2D ring -/12/48 56*56*36.5cm
    E38794 A4-1"3D ring -/12/48 56*56*36.5cm
    E38795 A4-1"4D ring -/12/48 56*56*36.5cm
    E38796 A4-1.5"2D ring -/12/36 85*34*36.5cm
    E38797 A4-1.5"3D ring -/12/36 85*34*36.5cm
    E38798 A4-1.5"4D ring -/12/36 85*34*36.5cm
    E38799 A4-2"2D ring -/12/36 86*38*36.5cm
    E38800 A4-2"3D ring -/12/36 86*38*36.5cm
    E38801 A4-2"4D ring -/12/36 86*38*36.5cm
    E38802 A4-3"2D ring -/6/24 60*53*36.5cm
    E38803 A4-3"3D ring -/6/24 60*53*36.5cm
    E38804 A4-3"4D ring -/6/24 60*53*36.5cm
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