Correction Tape

  • Correction Tape
  • Item: 7269
    Item 7269
    Specification 5mmx15m
    Packing 1/24/288
    MEAS 63.5x30x31.5cm
  • Item: 7213/7214
    NO. SPEC. Packing MEAS.
    7213 4mmx6m 1/12/576 OPP 74.5x48.5x32cm
    7214 4mmx6m 1/12/288 BLICTER 68.5x34x33cm
  • Item: NO7271

    This type of correction tape is available in 5 colors, with core. 1/24/288  

  • Item: 7250
    Item 7250
    SPEC. 5mmx8m
    Packing 1/24/576
    MEAS. 45.5x25x20.5cm
  • Correction Fluid
  • Item: 7285
    Item 7285
    SPEC. 10ml
    Packing --/12/576
    MEAS. 50x38x27cmcm
  • Correction Pen
  • Item: 7288
    Item 7288
    SPEC 6ml
    Packing --/24/576
    MEAS 55.5x35x31cm

Correction Tape, Correction Pen
Correction tape and correction pen are often used to correct mistakes during typing or handwriting. As a specialized correction tape and correction pen manufacturer and supplier in China, we at Deli Stationery can offer customers high quality correction tapes and correction pens at economical prices. As our products are available in several colors, contain no toxic substances, and are reliable, safe, environment friendly, they are very popular with school students and workers from enterprises, governments and banks.
Apart from our correction tape and correction pen, we also offer office products such as whiteboard, paper products, calendar shelf, painting articles, and so on. We are located in Ningbo, Zhejiang, where we have easy access to many forms of transportation, and can get your order to you quickly and at a reasonable cost. We welcome global customers to contact us for more detailed information. Our staff is ready to serve you!

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